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if only more cumsluts were this honest… she knows exactly what her true purpose is…

Her man is gonna be a lucky bastid!

I’m so fucking tired. Tired of being scared. Tired of not wanting to go home cause I’m scared to death of my father when he’s drunk. I’m tired of having to hide in my room and hope to God he doesn’t come looking for me. I’m tired of wanting to move back in with my mom but can’t cause my stepfather scares the shit out of me too. IM SO TIRED!!! I want to end it all. I know I could be so much worse off, but it’s not right. Nobody should have to fear two people there supposed to look up to. I shouldn’t have to live like this. I wish I had never been fucking born then maybe I wouldn’t be such a fucking failure in my whole family’s eyes. Maybe I would still be able to have my mother hold me in her arms and tell me its all gonna be ok. But that’s just a dream right? A stupid fucking make believe wish that’s never gonna happen. I want it all to end. To stop. I want to go to sleep and never fucking wake up. Maybe I will. I’ll end it. End everything I loathe in this life. I don’t care how many people say suicide is a pussy way to go. It’s not. Its a way for people to stop the pain. To take the weight off other people’s shoulders. Do they don’t have to put up with you anymore. So everyone can live there life in peace after your gone. I want my parents to be happy again. No matter how bad things get half the time I still want them to be happy and I feel like that’s only possible with me out of the picture.

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